2016 DC Data Summit Materials

Session 1


Analyzing Common Core Writing for Actionable Trends

6th Grade Literacy Standards, Aspen Argument CCSS, Scoring Notes, Text and Prompt, Writing Participant Packet, Writing Samples

Dashboards 101

Power PointPractice Sheet, Formula Reference Guide

Data Driven Instructional Coaching

Power PointDiagnostic Rubric, Schools Focused on Learning

Database and Data Quality Concepts

Power Point

Sharing Data with ECE Families

Power Point

Time Management




Session 2


Coaching for Growth


Data Privacy Compliance

Power Point

Exploring the "Why" in Results



Data User Guide, ELA Student Report Sample, Math Student Report SampleReleased Item Map

Root Cause Analysis

Power PointAdaptive Challenge Article, Decision Making Article, Findings to Root Causes, Instructional Leadership, Sample Action Plan ES, Sample Action Plan HS, Blank RCA Data Synthesis, Instructional Modifications, Interrelationship Diagram Exercise, Using Findings

School Ops Staff and Student Attendance

Power Point

Sharing Data with MS Families

Power Point

Signposts of Learning

Power Point

Using MAP Data to Set Goals

Power PointCalculating Student Goals Handout

Using School Data to Build a Culture of Care Around Chronically Absent Students

Power Point, Sample Data Set

Visualizing and Communicating

Power Point, Activities PacketChoosing A Chart Handout



Session 3


A National Perspective on ESSA

Power Point

Analyzing Classroom-level Data to Support Continuous

Presentation, Developmental Environmental Rating Scale

Analyzing FE Data

Power Point, Guided Notes, Nudge Article

Enrollment Audit Readiness

Presentation, Tracker

From Exit Tickets to Enduring Understanding

Participant Packet

Intro to Advanced Qlik


Mail Merge

Power PointData Sample, Document Sample, Example Letters

Open Source Tools for Data Analysis

Power Point